Transaction Fee


This is the story of two elf cops in Fantasyville, and the magical malarkey they must manage. Such shenanigans include:

  • Spaghetti Noodle Trees congregating in the park
  • The spread of the Haiku Flu
  • Hexacon, the convention of witches.

This book is over 100 pages of full-color comedy, and includes features the webcomic doesn’t have, like:

  • behind-the-scenes sketches
  • character secrets
  • and more malarkey!

Here’s what people have said about it:

“Delightfully Wacky.” -Thom Hotka, creator of Nextuus

“Johnson & Sir proves that simple worldbuilding
and silly plots do not prevent a
skillful artist from occasionally delivering
small masterpieces of characterisation,
dialog, motion, panel composition, or page
layout.” -Timothy Cramer, Provocative Praise

“Johnson and Sir is a hilarious fairy tale
twist on cop stories, and one of my favorite
comics.” -Mandy Oviatt, writer of My Lady Olives

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