Thoughtful Dinosaur


Thoughtful Dinosaur is the story of Billy Veloci, a young lady velociraptor who just graduated from college, got a job, and has her life figured out… Unfortunately her plans are jacked when she gets fired (along with 99% of the rest of the company because the CEO liquidated it and took the funds with him to elope with his mistress). Now Billy has to move back in with her mom, piece her life back together, and figure out how to adult in the town of Fantasyville.

This book has full-color features, including:

  • 28 pages.
  • Staple-bound.
  • Signed by the artist!

Here’s what folks have to say about the story:

“It’s a delight!” -Dragonhide Studios

“Never pretentious or overwritten…If you’d argue that the fantasy is kind of a gimmick, in the sense that the story could happen just as well with human characters, I won’t deny it, but it is done with so much charm and expressiveness that I don’t mind at all, and neither should you.” – Provocative Praise

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